Solid Wood Entryway Organization Wall Mountable 30 Inch Coat Rack with 6 Hooks (White)

  •  Solid Wood Entryway Organization Wall Mountable 30 Inch Coat Rack with 6 Hooks (White)
  • Condition: New, open box. Minor aesthetic damage, paint cracked above middle hooks, and along connecting sides, should not affect functionality of item. All damage noted is pictured.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - With this 30” x 7” coat rack you can organize your life and tidy up your entryway with ease. This entryway storage rack comes fully assembled with the necessary hardware for wall mounting.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - The solid wood material is built with durability and dependability to keep you satisfied for years to come. With the top shelf and 6 hooks you can functionally organize and decorate your welcoming space.
  • AMAZING ORGANIZATION - This rack is great for hanging your everyday needs at your fingertips, you can store your coat, bag, umbrella, hat, dog leash, cat collar, keys and much more. Easily grab what you need and walk out the door.
  • DON`T LOSE KEYS AGAIN - Do you find yourself in the moment of searching for keys every morning? You will no longer get frustrated searching for car keys, you can store it right when you walk in through the door and grab it before you walk out.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR WELCOMING SPACE - Add flair and style to your narrow, dull entryway and give it a makeover with plants, candles, picture frames or collectibles. The top shelf is great for housing decorative objects and memorabilia.
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    • $60.00